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I create works based on my own memories and habits, mixed with the memories and habits of others, or traces of them. There is a gap where I and others do not completely understand each other, and where we do not understand each other. This gap is a mixture of foreignness to me as an individual and empathy that transcends national boundaries, and it shows me a world that I have seen before but have never seen before.

Creation is an adventure for me to escape from all rigidity.
Fixed images. I disassemble and combine images that are as unpredictable as a dream, and when I try to remember them, they are already overlaid by other images. Clay always betrays me right.

The possibility of having a skin, of being separated from the self and the other. To move the body, to mix my experience with someone else's, to embrace the chaos that meets the other in me.

To live in the universe with a slightly broader perspective than society. We see this itself as play and express it.

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